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Pipeline Cleaning Products
Molded Pigs

pigs1.jpg (10822 bytes) Polly Pigs are manufactured from flexible, open cell urethane foam and are available in numerous designs and density ranges. The versitility allows us to supply foam pigs for any pipeline application. Foam pigs are available in sizes up to 12 feet (4 meters) in diameter.

Pigs are available in the following density ranges:

Low Density Swabs		1 - 2 lb./cu.ft.
Medium Density			5 - 8 lb./cu.ft.
Hard Density			9 - 10 lb./cu.ft.

Lower density foams are more flexible than higher density pigs. Higher density foams have more tear strength and wear resistance than lower density foams. pigs2.jpg (14452 bytes)

Piping Specialties offers numerous designs and external surface configurations to suit the application. Standard designs include:

Bare External Surfaces

Spiral or Criss Cross bands of Urethane Coating to enhance sealing cleaning and wear resistance

Cleaning surfaces such as Sisicon Carbide, Urethane or Steel Wire Brushes, and Steel Cutter Studs to remove deposits such as scale and wax.

Piping Specialties custom designs foam pigs for special applications. These include multidimensional pipelines, harsh chemical products and purpose built designs. Pigs available in double dish designs, special lengths and diameters, handling ropes and steel cables, transmitter cavities, etc.

Datasheets for Pipeline Pigs may be viewed by click one of the following Sheet 1 or Sheet 2.

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