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Floating Ball Valves


  • Body Joint Construction

      The one piece unibody end entry design incorporates 3 independent seals: O’ring (Viton® standard), PTFE, and GRAFOIL to ensure absolute seal integrity.

      The two piece bolted body designs include a tight toleranced overlapping metal fit between the body and the adapter to minimize any possibility of movement due to pipeline stress. A special high temperature spiral wound stainless steel/grafoil filled gasket is utilized for absolute seal. This gasket is encapsulated by body and adapted on all four sides. Body and adaptors are dimensioned for metal contact to ensure correct gasket crush.

(Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers)

  • Stem Design / Anti Blowout

      The stem is of the internal entry type ensuring positive anti blow out even if the packing gland if removed.

  • Fugitive Emission Stem Packing

      Our floating ball valves incorporated an advanced packing arrangement consisting of 3 stages of independent packing as a sensible economic solution to provide zero leakage against dangerous emissions. The lower high pressure packing is a GRAFOIL washer. The mid stem packing is an o’ring seal. The upper packing is compressible GRAFOIL rings. To ensure even compression of upper packing, the Flow Control valves feature a uni-nut gland tightening arrangement. This totally eliminates the possibility of leakage due to uneven tightening of gland bolts which could occur in older designs incorporating dual gland bolts.

  • Anti Static

      All Flow Control floating flange ball valves include dual grounding systems from stem to ball and stem to body. Valve testing to BS 5351 and BS 5146 was performed for all sizes, and witnessed by a third party inspection company.

  • Top Works

      Flow Control Valves include a special ISO mounting pad for ease of subsequent actuation.

      The valves include an independent stop plate/position locking device.

      The stop plate makes no contact with packing nut to avoid possibility of loosening during valve operation. A special lock ensures security of uni-nut packing by preventing unintentional movement.

  • Fire Safety

      All fire-safe valves conform to API 607 and are tested and certified by independent inspectors.

  • Seats

      Seat insert material Devlon "V" API is superior for bubble tight shut off from 1 PSIG to 6000 PSI and temperature ranges from -200oC to +200oC.

      Seat designs fully consider material limitation, cross sectional areas and fit to provide exceptional cycle life and resilience.

  • Longevity of Life

      Special consideration was devoted to the attainment of enhanced life and operation of our valve throughout design, development, testing and manufacturing stages.

      Valve designs combined with the selection of advanced materials are such that long periods of inactivity should not affect the operations of efficiency.

  • Quality Assurance

      As a world leader in quality ball valves, Flow Control Oil & Gas Inc. Has achieved the highest quality standards in the industry:

      ISO Q1/API 6D - License No. 6D-0193

      Our quality program is independently audited on a regular basis by both the American Petroleum Institute and International Standards Organization.

      All valves manufactured by Flow Control Oil & Gas Inc. In Calgary under these rigid programs, have full traceability of materials, testing, test equipment, calibration equipment, personnel and personnel training records. These records are available for review by our customers with prior arrangements.

    Pressure / Temperature Curve (Click to view) 36 Kb

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Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers
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